Anticipate risks and set sustainability priorities

The Stakeholders Sustainability Index (SSINDEX) helps to cross data between stakeholders allows you to identify:
- Hidden risks,
- Gaps in the chain of value,
- Common needs amongst stakeholders,
- Widespread integrity deviations,
- And other relevant matters to each organization.

Save time and money

The Stakeholders Sustainability Index (SSINDEX), uses scale economy with efficiency when we integrate previous internal measurements:
- Save time implementing the designed methodology when we integrate stakeholders.
- Get a better price rate when you integrate individual evaluations,
- Replace and integrate surveys of stakeholders such as: employees, clients, suppliers, and other.

Certificate your company and gain more visibility

The Stakeholders Sustainability Index (SSINDEX), certifies participating companies that get 75% overall score of the stakeholders evaluated. Share your certifications on your annual reports and other relevant media.

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Why SSIndex?

Using behavioral information to predict risks.

Economies of scale by integrating multi-stakeholders data in one tool.

Cross-analyzing information from different stakeholders in one platform

Connects strategy and stakeholders needs in one matrix

Measuring the impact of ESG good practices on behavior



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